Blood Beach for iPhone and iPod Touch

Soldiers from the Japanese Imperial Navy have already hit the beach running.  Hopelessly outnumbered in this WWII battle, you use every weapon at your disposal, including the M2 BMG and Bofors 40mm.  As each runs out of ammo, you throw it down to pick up the next.  You must continue the assault to live.

Instinct compels you to turn tail and run to safety somewhere.  Trouble is, there is no safer place on this small, remote island.  Besides, it’s up to you to keep the Japanese Imperial forces from gaining control of this strategic location in the Pacific. 
Remembering your purpose, you strengthen your resolve.  Very soon, bodies are falling fast and furiously as adrenaline courses through your veins at the same speed your gun is firing bullets.  They won’t get you or take over your post as long as there’s breath left in your body.


In a lull between firefights, you take in what has happened.  The beautiful sand is soaked red with evidence of your efforts.  From this moment on, the area has a name.  It is called Blood Beach.
Designed in the classic arcade style, this authentic World War 2 simulation app has been researched to provide the utmost accuracy, from the firing rates of U.S. weaponry to armament of the attacking Japanese Naval pilots.  The pulse pounding cinematic soundtrack features amazing, true life sound effects that’ll place you right there, in the heat of the action.  The audio can even be used to help locate your target.
There are three ways to play Blood Beach on your iPhone or iPod Touch:  touch screen, analog stick or analog pad control.  Each method has a sensitivity setting that you can adjust and control for a fully customizable experience.
Blood beach is not a game that will leave you wanting.  There are twenty nerve-racking missions that challenge you with multiple attack waves from various enemy fighter vehicles and weapons.  This app will test your skill and reflexes as a defending soldier.


Although you are stationed on one of the deserted Solomon Islands, you aren’t without some human contact.  The worldwide leaderboard can keep track of your score as you compete against other lone defenders of the good.
Do you have the stomach and the stamina to defend and hold this lonely stretch of sand?  Buy Blood Beach now and find out.